JP Caravancare

Full Service

A full service includes a combined chassis and habitation service.

Items checked include chassis, brakes, hitchlock, gas, water and electrics (12v and 230v), body work, fixtures and fittings. A damp check is also included.

Habitation Service

A habitation service includes all the main body of the caravan or motorhome but not the running gear. This servicing can be used on a caravan that is permanently based on a pitch with no intention of moving it.

Chassis Service

A chassis service includes a check of all road lighting, lubricating working parts, wheel removal, brakes cleaned and adjusted (if required), gas pressure test and all round safety check. One shot axle hub nuts will be removed and replaced (these are charged separately)

Damp Check

This should be completed if you suspect that your caravan's outer skin may be leaking.

Dont leave it too late!!

A full report will be given. All inspections are completed using non-invasive moisture testing equipment).

Gas Safety

This will be a tightness check, regulator check, gas pressure test and flame safety device check on all appliances along with a spillage check on your fire (if fitted).  I also check to see if you have adequate ventilation to vent the appliancesand see if the refrigerator is sealed correctly. I will replace your gas hose if necessary in line with safety requirements.

Pre Purchase Check

If you are new to caravanning, or not sure what to look for when you purchase one, I can come with you and offer advice. This is a visual inspection with advice offered in regard to any defects found. A damp check will also be carried out.

Please not that permission will be need to be sought from the seller. I would not advise on the value of the caravan, however, I can an estimated cost of repairs to any defects found which may then be used in any negotiations.

Please Note :- I cannot carry out any structural repairs as this is best done indoors in a controlled environment.

Before any work is carried out on defective parts I will endeavour to get in touch with you as these may incur an additional charge.